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Main Tropes

  • Mountain Man Hero
  • Curvy Girl Heroine
  • Blind Date



I'm not looking for love, I just need a man for a night. I'm being honored at an award ceremony and my ex will be there with the woman he cheated on me with. So when my cousin sets me up with one of her mountain man's friends who's in town for the weekend, I go into the evening with a grateful heart and zero expectations.


I don't do dates, I don't do relationships, and I sure as heck don't do blind set ups. But when the goddess with the curves to die for introduces herself as my date for the night, instead of setting the record straight, I agree to be her plus one. Now the only question on my mind is... when can I see her again?

Meet the mountain men of Rye Creek and the curvy women who steal their wild hearts. The Matched with a Mountain Man series can be read as standalones. Each book features a happily-ever-after with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

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I paced the narrow balcony of my small apartment while I waited for my cousin to pick up the phone. Right before I hung up, she answered, her voice breathless.

“Gabby, sorry. I was stocking the shelves of the shop and wasn’t near my phone.”

“That’s okay. When you didn’t pick up right away, I figured your hot mountain man was probably keeping you busy.” I might joke, but a tiny part of me was jealous. It had only been a few months since Patience surprised all of us and gave up the sunshine of southern California for the mountain town of Rye Creek. And all because of a man.

Her laugh proved I might be onto something. “I wish. Slate had to run into Tahoe to pick up supplies, so I’m here on my own. How are things in LA?”

“A little tough right now.” I let out a groan. “That’s why I’m calling. I wanted to see if you might be interested in coming to an event with me next weekend. I’m being recognized for that travel documentary I put together last year and I need a plus one.”

“You want me to be your date to some high-profile red carpet award ceremony?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s pretty low key, but Grant’s going to be there. I just don’t want to show up alone.” It was a little petty of me to not want to show up by myself, but I didn’t want to give my ex the satisfaction of thinking he was right when I walked out on him. Somehow, despite the fact he’d cheated on me multiple times, he still told me I’d never find anyone better. His comment stung then, and even now, six months after I slammed the door on our relationship, it still hurt when I let myself think about it.

“You’re not still hung up on him, are you?” Not only was Patience my cousin, she was also the only person I could talk to without worrying word would get around. LA might be a big town, but Grant and I worked in the same small circles.

“No, absolutely not. Rumor has it he’s bringing Suede as his date, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep myself from scratching their eyes out.”

“You know you’re worth a million Suede Silvers, right?” Patience sighed.

“That’s what you keep telling me.”

“I wish you’d let me run your info through my magic algorithm.”

I fingered a leaf of the basil plant on my patio. Dry dirt packed around the base. I needed to water it today. “I love the fact that your business is taking off, but I prefer to find my men the old-fashioned way.”

“In bed with your assistant?” Patience joked.


“Sorry, sweetie, but I think you’re going after the wrong kind of guys. You need someone who’s going to value you, not treat you like a hot commodity who can further his career.”

She was right. I’d been blind not to see that Grant was more interested in getting his name attached to a credible film than building a lasting relationship.

“Maybe if you let me do the legwork for you—”

“No.” I looked out over the tops of the palm trees. “I don’t need a man in my life right now, and I don’t want one.”

“That’s how I felt before I met Slate.”

Slate… the brawny mountain man Patience had fallen head over heels for when she showed up in Rye Creek. I was thrilled she’d found her forever man. If only he had a twin brother, maybe I’d be tempted. He treated my cousin like a queen. But men like him were about as common as a T-Rex walking down Sunset Boulevard.

“Slate’s an anomaly.”

“I guarantee you, he’s not. He has his vices.”

“What, like only delivering mind-shattering orgasms three times a week instead of five?” I joked.

Patience clucked her tongue. “No, five a week hasn’t been a problem.”

“You’re not helping.”

“I’m trying to help, you just won’t listen.”

“I don’t want to hear about the awesome sex you’re having with your honey. Think you can leave him behind for a weekend and come save me from myself?” I bit my lip while waiting for her to reply.

“I wish I could, but Slate’s taking me to a bed-and-breakfast that weekend to celebrate our anniversary.” Her voice went all dreamy—the kind of tone I’d never used when talking about a man.

“What anniversary? You haven’t even been dating a year yet.”

“I know. He says it’s the three-month anniversary of when we got engaged.”

I couldn’t stop my eyes from executing a dramatic roll even though she wasn’t able to appreciate it. “You know people might actually throw up from sugar overload if you tell them that.”

Patience let out a soft laugh. “What are you going to do about a date?”

Good question. I didn’t want to admit it, but she was my last resort. I couldn’t take anyone who ran in the same circles as me and Grant because he’d know we weren’t for real. For the first time, I considered setting up an online dating profile and taking my chances on the internet.

“I’ll figure something out. Don’t worry about me. Just make sure you have a good time on your anniversary weekend.”

“You know what? I think I might have an idea.”

A wave of apprehension swelled in my gut. “That’s okay. I’ll figure something out.”

“I’ll call you back in an hour.”

Before I could tell her not to bother, the phone went dead.

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