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One Wild Ride

One Wild Ride

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Main Tropes

  • MC Biker Hero
  • Curvy Girl Heroine
  • Insatiable Instalove



I’m used to fighting off advances from men who only want one thing. When I meet Fuse, I assume he’s just like the others and only interested in the chase. But the gruff biker is full of surprises, and pretty soon I’m falling for him.


My heart’s been on lockdown for most of my life. With Quinn, all of that changes. Hell yeah, she’s gorgeous. Though it’s her confidence and the way she handles herself that really catches my attention. I vow to do whatever it takes to make her happy… but what if that means I have to let her go?

The men of the Lonestar Riders MC might be wild and rough around the edges, but their hearts will be tamed when they meet the curvy girl of their dreams. Each book features one couple, is a complete story, and can be read alone.

Get a Sneak Peek at Chapter 1

“You’re late.” A busty blonde yelled at me from where she stood by the entrance to Kane’s garage. She had on a pair of skin-tight leggings that molded to her curves and a loose button-down shirt that barely covered her ass. 

“Sorry about that. I got tied up.” I parked my bike and gave her my trademark grin—the one that always provoked a smile in return—but she scowled at me. What the fuck? Had I lost my touch?

My buddy Kane nudged his chin toward our other MC brothers. “Get your ass over here, Fuse. We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Sorry, bro.” The smile slid from my lips as I made my way over to the others. “Didn’t mean to hold anyone up.”

“You buy the first round when we’re done here, and all will be forgiven.” Kane nodded toward the blonde. “This is Quinn. She’s the daughter of one of Mama Mae’s friends, so be nice.”

“I’m always nice.” I couldn’t help the cocky grin that parted my mouth into a wide smile. Despite the long day I’d already put in, watching Quinn set up her photography equipment sent adrenaline buzzing through my veins.

The woman was obviously a pro. I’d been reluctant to take part in the pictures Kane wanted of the club at the garage, but if it meant letting the curvy photographer rub oil all over my pecs, I was all in. If Kane had told us ahead of time the photographer looked like a sexy pin-up model, we all would have made the time a month or two ago.

Quinn lined us up for a series of group shots. She called out orders, and the motley crew that made up the Lonestar Riders MC followed them to a “T.” I couldn’t remember a time when we’d all been so accommodating.

“All right. It’s time to get some individual shots. Who wants to go first?” She barely looked up from her camera. Either she was immune to the massive waves of testosterone rolling off my MC brothers or… or what? I’d never seen a woman so underwhelmed by us. It’s not like we were a bunch of wanna-be bikers with dad bods. Bison looked like a retired linebacker, and I’d seen Brick lift a Volkswagen before.

“I’ll go first.” Kane’s boots crunched on the gravel as he stepped toward her. At least I didn’t have to worry about him making a play. He’d fallen hard for the preacher’s daughter recently and was officially off the market. I couldn’t say the same for most of my other MC brothers, though. If I wanted to make an impression on Quinn, I’d need to come up with a move.

“I’ll go next,” I said.

Kane nodded as he passed. “I’ll let you know when I’m done.”

Quinn had moved her equipment to the other side of the metal building, out of view from the rest of us. My stomach rolled as I waited for my turn to be alone with her. It wasn’t just her looks that had me eager to engage. There was something about the quiet confidence she projected behind the camera. Like she knew how good she was and didn’t have to prove herself to anyone.

I got that same feeling when I was working on a bike. Figuring out what was wrong with an engine and putting the pieces back together again provided me with a kind of high I’d never felt before.

“You’re up, Fuse.” Kane tugged his shirt over his head as he came around the corner.

Knowing he’d been half naked with a woman I found so fucking attractive made fire race through my veins. “Thanks, man.”

He stopped next to me and clamped a hand on my shoulder. “Go easy, will you? I don’t want to get an earful from Mama Mae about how much shit talking her friend’s daughter had to put up with today. She’s doing us a favor by working us in.”

I spread my arms out and took a few steps backward. “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m as easy as they come.”

“That’s what I’ve heard.” Quinn’s voice came from behind me.

I whipped around. One hand held her camera, and the other clamped to her cocked hip. This woman was my personal type of kryptonite. A body made for sin and a mouth to match.

“How naked do you want me, sugar?” I gripped the hem of my t-shirt, ready to show off the abs I’d been working on for months.

“Slow down there, tiger.” Her lips quirked into a smirk. “Let’s do a few headshots first.”

“However you need me, I’m all yours,” I teased.

She rolled her eyes before peering through the camera. Either I was overestimating my appeal, or she really did prefer a lighter touch. “What if I want you to be quiet?” 

“Then I won’t make a peep.” I mimed locking my lips and tossing away the key.

“Can you straddle the bike?” She pulled the camera away and pointed to the closest Harley.

I shook my head. “Sorry, that’s one thing I can’t do for you.”

“What do you mean?” Her brows knit together. “You’re a biker, aren’t you?”

I moved toward her. “Yeah, I’m part of this club. But there are a couple of things I won’t ever share.”

“Like what?” She let the camera hang from her neck and thrust that hip out again.

“My bike for one.” I shook my head as my gaze drifted over the custom options Kane had installed on his bike. “It’s bad luck and super shitty to sit on another guy’s bike.”

“Fine. Do you want to go get your bike and bring it over here, then? We’ve only got about twenty minutes before I lose the light I’m after, and I’ve still got the other guys to shoot.” She tilted her head as she studied me with dark green eyes.

“Don’t you want to know the other?” I stalked toward her, my fingers itching to tug her hair loose and back her up against the side of the metal garage.

Her eyes widened as I stopped in front of her. She tipped her head back to gaze up at me. This close to her, I could see the faint freckles splashed across her nose, breathe in her scent of coconut and pineapple, and feel the heat radiating off her skin.

“I’m almost afraid to ask.” Her voice came out softer than before, but her eyes still held the confidence I found so attractive.

I leaned close, nudging my nose into her hair. A shiver rolled through her, and goosebumps pebbled her skin. Lowering my voice, I whispered against the shell of her ear. “My woman.”

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