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One Last Ride

One Last Ride

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Main Tropes

  • MC Biker Hero
  • Curvy Girl Heroine
  • Brother's Best Friend
  • Age Gap



All I want is a simple life - finish school, teach yoga, and figure out what I want to do after graduation. But my dreams are shattered when a relentless stalker targets me and won’t take no for an answer.

My older brothers send Hawk—a big, inked-up, MC Club guy—to babysit me in my tiny apartment. I don't need or want his protection, but he refuses to budge.

The more time we spend together, the safer I feel. Until I fall for him and put both of us in danger.


I never thought I'd find myself in a yoga class, let alone babysitting my MC brothers’ little sister. But when my brothers ask for a favor, I can’t say no.

Now I’m wondering how to keep my hands off the curvy brunette when I’m supposed to follow her everywhere. All I know is that I'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means I might be taking my last ride as a member of the Lonestar Riders MC.

The men of the Lonestar Riders MC might be wild and rough around the edges, but their hearts will be tamed when they meet the curvy girl of their dreams. Each book features one couple, is a complete story, and can be read alone.

Get a Sneak Peek at Chapter 1

The neon lights behind the bar at the Lonestar Riders MC clubhouse flickered. Damn beer sign was going to give me a migraine soon. I finished my beer and tossed the empty can into the recycling bin on the other side of the counter.

“Nice shot.” My buddy Ryker came up behind me with his girlfriend Talia by his side. The two of them had been inseparable since they got together.

I was happy for him. Happy for the rest of my MC brothers, who’d found the love of their life recently as well. Seemed like commitment was contagious in Broken Bend lately. I’d been doing my best to stay immune.

“You two have big plans for the weekend?” I spun around on my stool and faced Ryker. He looked different since he’d started dating Talia. The deep creases that formed a permanent “v” between his eyebrows had faded. And the ever-present scowl he usually wore had been replaced with what I’d almost consider a smile.

Ryker handed Talia a can of one of those fruity boozy beverages before helping himself to a beer. “We’re headed up to Dallas.”

“What’s the occasion?” I didn’t know of any organized rides taking place this weekend. Usually, we had some sort of charity ride or other event.

“Nothing special. Just a weekend away with my girl.” He slipped his arm around Talia’s shoulder and the two of them shared a syrupy look that was sweet enough to make me feel like I’d just down half a sheet cake.

“Sounds like a good time. I hope y’all enjoy yourselves.” I made a move to get up and give them some privacy.

“If you’re around this weekend, I need a favor,” Ryker said. “Remember, I told you about the guy who’s been harassing my sister?”

I nodded. A few weeks ago, Ryker mentioned something about his sister being bothered by someone at the college where she attended classes. Some of our MC brothers had gone down to give him a bit of a warning, but I hadn’t been able to get away since I was working on a rush repair at the time. “Yeah, is he back in the picture?”

“Unfortunately, the prick can’t take a hint. Kiki said he’s been coming to her weekly yoga class, and I need somebody to go down and make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble.“

“Yoga class?” I’d be more than happy to scare off whoever was bothering Ryker’s little sister, but there was no way in hell I was going to attend some hippie yoga class.

Ryker chuckled. “She’s pissed that Brick and I want to get involved. I need someone she won’t recognize as being part of the Lonestar riders. When’s the last time you saw my little sister?”

I could remember the last time fairly well. It had been several years ago when Kiki was still in high school. Even then, she caught my eye, but I wasn’t about to tangle with jailbait. Besides her being way too young for me, there was also a rule at the club. Guys weren’t allowed to hook up with each other’s immediate family members. No one had challenged that rule, and I wasn’t about to be the first.

“I’d be more than happy to check in, but this body isn’t made for yoga.” I didn’t even think I could touch my toes, much less contort my lanky limbs into some of the poses I imagined Kiki would be teaching.

Ryker nudged me in the ribs with a sharp elbow. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried. Talia has done a few of her classes. It’s not as hard as it looks right?”

“Some of those poses are actually pretty challenging.” Talia slid onto a stool at the bar, a teasing smile turning the corners of her lips upward. “I don’t remember seeing you do any of those poses.”

“The only time I want to twist my body around, baby girl, is when I’m in bed with you.” Ryker slung his arm around Talia’s shoulders and pulled her close.

I felt like I was watching an intimate moment. They held each other’s gazes for several beats too long and I was about to walk away when Ryker reached out and grabbed my arm.

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need the help.” He held my gaze, and I knew him well enough to be confident he was speaking the truth.

I didn’t have plans this weekend, so I didn’t have an excuse as to why I wouldn’t be able to head to Austin, except for the fact that I wanted to go to a yoga class just about as much as I wanted to shave a heart into my chest hair.

“What if I just stop by her apartment to check in?“ I gave a half shrug, hoping that would be enough to satisfy him.

He shook his head. “I don’t think that’s going to cut it. She called me last night and said he left a note on her apartment door, which means he knows where she lives. If I didn’t have plans this weekend, you can bet your ass I’d be over there myself. You’re one of the few guys I can trust. Do me a solid, and I’ll owe you one.“

“Fine. One yoga class. That’s it, right?“ I rubbed the back of my neck, already regretting being so agreeable. I should’ve held out for something better than an IOU, like maybe him covering one of my shifts at the garage next week.

Ryker let go of my arm and thrust his hand out to seal the deal. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Brick was going to cancel his plans with Josie. Knowing you’ll be there to keep an eye on things will put his mind at ease too.”

Not only were Brick and Ryker MC brothers, they were also brothers in blood. I envied the bond they shared. Even though I had dozens of foster brothers, plus the guys in the Lonestar Riders MC, the only blood relative I have left was a junkie mom who couldn’t seem to stay out of jail. Maybe things would have been different if my dad hadn’t passed away, but I never allowed myself to think about that.

“What time do I need to be there tomorrow?” I’d been looking forward to a relaxing night at home, but I’d better do some research on yoga poses so I didn’t make a complete ass out of myself in the morning.

“Starts at nine. Oh, you might wanna bring a mat so you don’t have to borrow one from the studio. I’ll drop one by your place tonight on our way out of town.“

“You’ve got your own yoga mat?“ If I had to pick any of the Lonestar Riders I thought would be into yoga, Ryker would be the last one on the list. Fuse would probably be at the top, especially if he thought it would give him an edge with women. But ever since he hooked up with Quinn, he’d taken himself off the market.

Talia flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled. “Not only does he have his own mat, ask him about his yoga brick.“

Ryker rolled his eyes and tapped his forehead against Talia‘s. “You keep giving away my secrets, and you’ll ruin my reputation.”

“And what reputation is that?” I joked. Ryker might look the part of the grumpy, gruff biker, but he was just as much a softie as I was deep down inside.

“I trust you can figure it all out.” Ryker finished his beer and set the empty back on the coaster.

“Yeah. I’ll check in with you after I get a sense of what’s going on.” I’d have to leave my place extra early tomorrow if I wanted to make it to Austin by nine. “I’m gonna head out. Y’all have a safe trip to Dallas, and don’t worry about things here.”

Ryker gripped my hand and pulled me in to clap me on the shoulder. “I really appreciate you, man.”

“Anything for you, brother.” I released my grip and nodded toward Talia. “Keep an eye on this guy in Dallas. I think he might still have an active warrant out in Dallas County.”

Talia’s eyes grew wide. She pressed her palm to Ryker’s chest. “You told me you didn’t have any active warrants.”

Ryker took her hand and tangled their fingers together. Shooting me a fuck-you look over the top of her head, he said, “Hawk is just messing with you. I’ve got a clean record, baby.”

As the two of them locked lips, I sauntered out of the club, wondering how the hell I was going to survive seeing my best friend’s little sister.

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